The Best Home Security Expert in Durban

Turn Key Locksmith in Durban is all about providing quality and reliable locksmith solutions to homeowners and businesses in Kwazulu Natal. We are professional lock technicians who have been in the industry for many years. The company was started a couple of years back by Miss Fatima Goolam, a locksmith extraordinaire. The main aim was to bring quality services closer to the people. We have invested a lot in making sure we are on top of our game. From locking picking tools, the latest key cutting equipment, mobile vans, to hiring the most qualified lock experts, and liaising with reputable manufacturers who supply us with the best parts at pocket-friendly rates, we have everything you need in a certified locksmith. 

We have even gone ahead to insure our locksmiths and the entire company so that you won't have to shoulder any damage or injury costs that occur in the course of work. The lock and key experts can fix any problem at the residential or commercial level. We are the guys to call when you want to change locks at the office, reprogram your transponder key, Troubleshoot the access control system, Duplicate a key, Install new smart locks, Repair car locks, or attend to an emergency lock out in the middle of the night.

Our accredited locksmiths Durban are extremely reliable and understanding.You can trust us to get you the best home security solutions, fast and at no extra or hidden charges. We are constantly updating ourselves on any new developments in the industry, and it would be a joy to us if every home and business premise in Durban was completely burglar-proof. We always show up on time for projects and engage clients at length to get a better understanding of their needs. Consultations and quotations are usually free of charge, therefore, be sure to call us up today on 061 641 9978.